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Classically shaped teapot made of 'Duan Ni' semi-porous clay. Ideal for preparing Gongfu-style tea, with a capacity of 150cc.


Clay teapots like this one are ideal for preparing more oxidized teas, such as Wulong, Red or Dark tea, because they retain heat longer, thus facilitating the extraction of nutrients from the leaves.


Thanks to its slight porosity, this teapot will absorb the aromas of the tea you prepare over time, so you can use it for your favorite variety of tea.


The semi-spherical shape of this teapot makes it ideal for preparing pearl-shaped teas, such as Taiwan's classic Wulong tea, since the leaves will have enough space to open.


We recommend using this teapot for high mountain wulong teas such as: Lishan Wulong or Ying Xiang Wulong

'Duan Ni' clay classic teapot

    • Wulong tea
    • Red (black) tea
    • Dark tea (hei cha)


    * It is always good to innovate, so we recommend you also try other combinations

    • Material: Clay 'Duan Ni'
    • Capacity: 150ml
    • Special for GongFu style brewing

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