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Single Origin Tea

We invite you to go on a journey of curated single origin tea from Taiwan, renowned far and wide for its wulong.


Yang Tea Taiwan produce and source tea from various tea regions from low to high mountain, following sustainable practices.

Present you with diverse flavors from high mountain tea, Dongding tea to Honey-flavor black tea; Each carries its uniqueness to aprreciate.

Share with your loved ones and discover origin flavors through cultivars, tea regions and handcraft of tea masters.

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Discover Yang Tea

Yang Tea Taiwan Founders in Lishan


Our love for tea was born many years ago, when we met in Germany. Iris is the daughter of Taiwanese tea farmers, so she has been in contact with this culture since she was very young; José is a Chilean who over the years became more and more interested in knowing all the details of this ancient drink.

Together they founded Yang Tea Taiwan to share Taiwan's amazing tea culture with the rest of the world. Learn more about the history behind Yang Tea Taiwan...

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Meet the tea masters

Your favorite tea was made by experienced masters.

They have spent years perfecting their art, which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Here we are lucky to share a little of their knowledge

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