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Brewing tea, a practice

We like to define the preparation of quality tea as a practice, because when you do it in the same way as in its origin, you will notice that each time you prepare it, it will evolve or change depending on countless factors. This style of preparation is known as "Gong Fu Cha"

Brewing tips, for your favorite tea

You only need a small teapot (~150ml.), a jug and some glasses, but, as you can see throughout our website, you can complement with endless elements.

Here we share our way of preparing tea, but like all art, the form obeys the taste of the artist who prepares it:

  1. For a ~150ml teapot. we will use 7 to 9g of tea (depending on the tea and your preference)

  2. Boil water. We recommend 100ºC for our Wulong and around 80ºC for our black teas (each of our products comes with preparation suggestions)

  3. We preheat the teapot, the jug and the glasses with hot water, then we discard this water

  4. Add the 7 to 9g of tea in the teapot

  5. ​​Infuse the leaves with the boiled water for about 45 seconds (for specific recommendations, check the page for each tea in our store)

  6. After 45 seconds, pour the tea into the jug and serve in each cup

 * You can repeat the process from step 5 as many times as you see fit, varying the number of seconds to your liking.

 ** Our Wulong teas can be prepared 7-9 times using the same leaves and you will see how its flavor evolves.v

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