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Modern teapot made of fine white porcelain, with an eye-catching and innovative design. This teapot is smooth on the outside as well as on the inside, thanks to its glaze, a common feature in most porcelain accessories.


It has capacity to prepare 110cc of your favorite tea, which makes it an ideal teapot for Gongfu sessions of 2 or 3 people.


Porcelain teapots like this one are ideal for brewing any of the 6 varieties of tea, as they do retain some heat (not as much as clay, but more than glass). In addition, thanks to its smooth walls you can prepare any pure tea without its main aromas coating the interior of this teapot.


Thanks to its wide lid and interior space, this teapot is ideal for preparing teas which in dry leaf are voluminous such as red teas with their Natural Curved shape or Bai Mu Dan - White Peony style white tea.


We recommend using this teapot for teas like our Lishan Red or white teas like our White Peony.

Tall porcelain teapot

    • Green Tea
    • Yellow tea
    • White tea
    • Wulong tea
    • Red (black) Tea
    • Dark tea (hei cha)
    • Material: White porcelain
    • Capacity: 110 ml
    • Special for GongFu style preparation