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Shanlinxi is one of the three most famous tea regions in Taiwan along with Alishan and Lishan. Surrounded by fog, clouds and large trees, the wulong produced in Shanlinxi are often calming, abundant in their aromas and with great vitality, as if you were in a forest.


A gentle tea, light on the palate. Sweet and aromatic like a white flower. Round in the mouth and with a long aftertaste. Imperceptible astringency and, if prepared with a large amount of leaves, slight bitterness that transforms into sweetness with the aftertaste, which gives it complexity.


This is one of the gardens in Shanlinxi where we have had the privilege of coming face to face with the famous Jacobiasca Formosana, whose bite promotes sweet flavors in tea.

Shanlinxi Wulong - Winter

PriceFrom $18.90