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Taiwan tea wholesale

Iris Yang Harvesting Tea

Do you want to have fresh and quality tea in your business?

We offer a comprehensive service that will help you have our selection of teas wherever your company is.

We work directly with farmers and we offer packing services specifically for the the tea industry ready to adjust to the needs of your company. We also have experts who will gladly advise you on your purchase.

Check our catalogue and contact us, we are here to help you


We make the difference


Custom packaging

Whether your business needs retail-ready packaging or large quantities to repack by yourselves, we can help you.

Tea Packing


We work with farmers

We select our tea one by one direct from farmers in Taiwan. We visit their gardens and factories to make sure of their good practices.

Tea Producer


Warehouse Dedicated to Tea

We work in a warehouse dedicated 100% to tea packaging, both for national consumption and for export.

Preparing the tea for competition


We help you in your purchase

We put our knowledge and network of teachers at the service of our clients. Any questions you have, we will answer as soon as possible.

Choosing the correct tea for competition


Friendship with great masters

The tea industry in Taiwan has many masters willing to share their experience. We make it available to our customers.

Mr Yu sharing experience on tea


We learn every day

Whether in established schools and institutes, or directly from tea masters in their factories, we learn something valuable every day.

Iris Yang tasting tea

Do you want to work with our teas?

Write us through the following form that we have created to give you a personalized experience and according to the reality of your company. If you have any questions, we are always available via chat

Thank you for your message!

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