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Terms and conditions

Our customers first

We are "tea-nerds", we love to study about tea, talk about tea, taste/drink, do tea ceremonies... in short, we spin around tea as you probably do too. This is why we will be more than happy if you contact us either to talk or ask us questions, the chat on this page is always available.

Our customers are always first, for us, it means that we will do everything possible to provide you with a quality service that is at the level of our teas

We will always be attentive to your requirements!

That said, we present below the terms and conditions of use of our website. It's extensive and detailed, but don't worry! We write it in a simple way and as we told you above, we will always be attentive to answer your questions.

FIRST: General Terms

We welcome you to the Website, hereinafter "Yang Tea Taiwan". By registering and using the Yang Tea Taiwan website, the natural person, hereinafter "User", accepts the conditions established below, expressing their total agreement with them, for which we request that they carefully read the terms and conditions that govern the use of our Website, along with the scope of the services provided through it.
This instrument regulates the use of the Website of Yang Tea Taiwan, a website owned by the company 艾楊茶韻有限公司 ID 90670043, with address at Changhua County, Yuanlin City, Zhongzheng Rd , 475號, 510, 2nd floor, Taiwan. Represented by Yang Yu-Ling.

SECOND: Definitions

For the purposes of this instrument, the following terms will have the meaning established in this clause:

a) User: Natural person who uses the Yang Tea Taiwan Website either by using the registration process on it or by using any other product offered on said Platform;
b) Owner of the data: It is the subject that registers their data on the Yang Tea Taiwan Website;
c) Yang Tea Taiwan Website: Website with the address;

THIRD: Background
FOURTH: Conditions of Use of the Platform
FIFTH: Intellectual Property

The Website contains copyrighted material, trademarks, logos and other information owned by Yang Tea Taiwan including, without this list being exhaustive, information, text, software, designs, drawings, photos, videos and graphics (hereinafter the "Content") . Both the Content of the Web Platform, as well as the organization, layout, arrangement and design of the elements present in it and in each of its pages, are the property of Yang Tea Taiwan (or are materials for which Yang Tea Taiwan has sufficient rights) and are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights.
The User acknowledges that he does not acquire any rights over the Contents. The information downloaded from the Website may be used by the User, as described in these Terms of Use, but is the exclusive property of Yang Tea Taiwan. The brand "Yang Tea Taiwan" is a registered and valid brand.

SIXTH: Registration on the Yang Tea Taiwan Web Platform and identity validation procedure

Yang Tea Taiwan will require personal information from the User, in order to register the User on the Yang Tea Taiwan Website. The data that Yang Tea Taiwan will require from the User are:

1. Full name;
2. National identity card (optional, used to expedite customs processes);
3. Address;
4. Email address;
5. Cell phone number;
6. Any other data relevant to the operation of the Platform.
Once registered on the Yang Tea Taiwan Website, an identity validation process will begin, which will have the purpose of corroborating the accuracy, veracity and validity of the data provided by the User and that correspond to the person who says be its owner.
Once the identity validation process has been successfully completed, the User may make use of the services contained in the Yang Tea Taiwan Website. The User undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of his password.

SEVENTH: Means of Payment and Conditions of Sale
EIGHTH: Shipments and delivery terms

Once the transaction is completed and the confirmation of the purchase is sent to the email box provided by the User, Yang Tea Taiwan will make its best efforts to deliver the products as soon as possible. In this sense, Yang Tea Taiwan undertakes to dispatch the purchase within a period of 5 Business Days, understood as the days that go from Monday to Friday, except for holidays. After which it will be the entire responsibility of the postal company selected for said purposes, the delivery of the products purchased within the stipulated periods, these being subject to contingency events and customs processes corresponding to the country of destination.
Upon receiving the products, it is the customer's responsibility to check that it comes in optimal conditions and without adulterations. It will be the responsibility of the User that the data related to the delivery address, provided on the Yang Tea Taiwan Website are correct, as well as that at the time of delivery of the package there is a person of legal age present at the address provided for him to receive it.
Likewise, it will be the responsibility of the User to inform any change of the address provided by him at the time of purchase, within the purchase and the dispatch of the product.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the User to provide Yang Tea Taiwan with all the necessary data so that the customs entity of the country of destination receives the customer's purchase in the best terms.
If for reasons of fortuitous event or force majeure, Yang Tea Taiwan is unable to dispatch certain products, it will proceed to request the necessary data from the user for the refund of the money. The payment of said money will be made within a period of 5 business days, from the date of receipt of said data.

NINTH: Return Policy.

For Yang Tea Taiwan it is very important that you feel satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, all purchases made on are subject to the following refund Policy:


Yang Tea Taiwan offers the refund of the money paid for products as long as the client sends them to us in their original sealed packaging and in perfect condition.

The customer must notify Yang Tea Taiwan within a period not exceeding 15 days of receiving their order, giving clear reasons why they want to make the refund. This notification must be made to the email in the footer or through our chat.

After receiving Yang Tea Taiwan's response, the customer can return the product(s) to the address provided.

The cost of shipping must be incurred by the customer who makes the return.

Once we receive the products and verify that they are in perfect condition, Yang Tea Taiwan will proceed to refund 100% of the money paid for the returned products (does not include shipping or customs costs paid by the customer) within 5 following business days.

TENTH: Discounts.

The discounts available on the Yang Tea Taiwan Web Platform apply only to purchases successfully made on said Web Platform. All discounts may be subject to limited stock and time.

ELEVENTH: Secret password.

In the case of accessing an account created on the Web Platform, the User must enter their secret code to make each purchase, which will allow personalized, confidential and secure access to the information stored on the Web Platform. The administration of this secret key is the sole responsibility of the client. In the event of being shared to third parties by the user or its use by said third parties will not imply any responsibility for Yang Tea Taiwan.

TWELFTH: Use of User information.

Yang Tea Taiwan uses the User's information, prior consent of the User delivered in this instrument, for its storage and treatment, in order to optimize the processes of use of the Web Platform and expand the products or services offered to Users. .
Yang Tea Taiwan will communicate with Users via email. If the User is already receiving the Yang Tea Taiwan newsletter and does not wish to continue receiving these communications, they should unsubscribe using the link provided at the bottom of the communications.

THIRTEENTH: Procedure for modification, deletion or cancellation of stored data.

Yang Tea Taiwan, at the request of the User who owns the information, will proceed to eliminate expired data and those whose accuracy cannot be established or whose validity is doubtful.
To start the data modification or deletion procedure, the User must send an email to the email address provided on this website, requesting the data modification or deletion, explaining the reason for the request. In the case of the modification procedure, the User must attach, to the email address already indicated, the information that proves the inaccuracy of the information contained in the Yang Tea Taiwan Website.
Notwithstanding the procedures described above, the User may, at any time, delete his account and the data contained therein from the Yang Tea Taiwan Website. In the event that the User submits such a request, Yang Tea Taiwan undertakes to delete all records within 3 days.

FOURTEENTH: Obligation of secrecy.

Without prejudice to the exceptions indicated in this contract, workers, representatives, executives and associates linked to Yang Tea Taiwan, who have access to the information provided by the User, will be subject to the obligation to remain silent and not disclose it.
Yang Tea Taiwan declares that it has made and will make its best efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure under this instrument of any information related to its Users.

FIFTEENTH: Obligations of the User.

The User will be responsible for the veracity of the data delivered to Yang Tea Taiwan, as well as for updating or modifying them.
The User will also be responsible for informing Yang Tea Taiwan, as soon as possible, of any use of the information stored by the latter outside the scope of this contract of which they are aware.

SIXTEENTH: User Service.

Yang Tea Taiwan makes a help service available to its Users, in order to answer any questions they may have about the Web Platform Use Policies and solve any problem with the sale of the products offered by Yang Tea Taiwan. .
Consumers can avail of the service by sending a chat message on this website or by sending an email to the address provided on this website.

SEVENTEENTH: Security and Privacy Policy

Yang Tea Taiwan recognizes that protecting the privacy of its users is of great importance and information received through our website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We have created a Privacy Policy to inform users of how Yang Tea Taiwan collects and uses the information you provide to us. We hope that this policy demonstrates our commitment to protecting your privacy.

The name, e-mail, ID, physical address and telephone number of our clients will only be used to answer questions about our products and services and to dispatch orders. Yang Tea Taiwan will not sell or disclose your data to third parties. However, this information may be used internally for statistics and to improve products and services offered on our site.


The sending of emails will be done only with the consent of the User and can be stopped at any time. By entering or making a purchase on our site, you can choose to receive emails with information and promotions from Yang Tea Taiwan. You can send an email to the address provided on this website to be removed from our database, or you can unsubscribe from any of the emails we send.

To meet security objectives, Yang Tea Taiwan has SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology that ensures both the authenticity of the site and the encryption of all information provided by the user. Every time the user enters the site and provides personal information, regardless of the geographical location where they are located, in order to purchase a product, the browser through which they perform the act connects to the site through the SSL protocol. that certifies that the user is actually on the site and on our servers (which can be seen by the appearance of the HTTPS code in the browser's address bar). This technology allows the user's personal information, such as his name, address and bank card data, to be encrypted beforehand so that it cannot be read when traveling through the Internet. All SSL certificates are created for a particular server, at a specific domain, and for a verified business entity.

EIGHTEENTH: Use of cookies

A "cookie" is a file that is stored in the user's browser when accessing some websites. Yang Tea Taiwan uses "cookies" to improve knowledge about the use of the site and propose information regarding your preferences.

A cookie collects information on browsing habits, and does not access the user's personal data. The browsing data may be shared by Yang Tea Taiwan with its business partners, to promote better services.

"Cookies" are "session" when they are deleted once the user closes the web browser and "persistent" when they remain on your computer for a period of time defined by the person responsible for the cookie. They can be your own when they are managed on the same Site or from third parties, when they are sent to the user's computer from a different website.

The Site stores its own cookies as well as those of third parties with the aim of adapting the contents to your interests and facilitating your access.

Yang Tea Taiwan uses third-party "cookies" for statistical purposes, for which the services of Google Analytics (the "Server") are used. Once the user connects to the Site again, the Server will recognize the number stored in the "cookie", as indicated, supplying referred anonymous information. The procedures are managed and controlled exclusively by Google Analytics.

The user, at any time, can consent to the use of "cookies" by deactivating them, entering the privacy/security options of their browser.

Payment methods

  • Credit / Debit Cards


Yang Tea Taiwan is an online store dedicated to the sale of origin tea and accessories. On the other hand, Yang Tea Taiwan stores the User's basic contact information. All the information provided by the User is stored by Yang Tea Taiwan under the strictest security measures.

The User of the Yang Tea Taiwan Website agrees to use it for exclusively personal purposes. The purpose of the Yang Tea Taiwan Website is to make tea-related products available to its Users: origin tea and accessories. The User of the Yang Tea Taiwan Website may not use it for illicit purposes, that harm the rights and interests of Yang Tea Taiwan, third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overload, deteriorate or impede the normal use of this Website, computer equipment or documents, files and all kinds of content stored in any Yang Tea Taiwan computer equipment. In particular, conduct contrary to the present policies for the use of the Website will be considered, without this list being exhaustive or limited by, the automatic extraction of information from the Website, copying of the information hosted on the Website for not established in this instrument and the resale to third parties of the information obtained from the Website.

The violation of the conditions of use of the Web Platform of Yang Tea Taiwan, by a User, will imply the cancellation of his account and the elimination of all the information related to said User. Yang Tea Taiwan expressly reserves the legal actions it deems pertinent for cases of infringement of this contract or the law.

All Users, in order to purchase the different products offered on the Yang Tea Taiwan Web Platform, must provide a valid means of payment, of those allowed on said Platform. The User may use, as a means of payment, Credit or Debit Cards, operated through PayPal (without the need for an account) as well as the balance of his PayPal account. In the case of purchases with credit cards, these are subject to the contract between the customer and the issuing bank.
The transaction will be subject to verification by the company issuing the bank card or other payment method chosen by the User. A transaction will not be considered complete until Yang Tea Taiwan receives authorization from the respective financial institution. In the event that Yang Tea Taiwan does not receive said confirmation, the purchase will be cancelled.

Payment Methods
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