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All About Yang Tea

We are tea lovers!

We like to drink it in a daily basis and several times per day. We study about its culture, its production methods and the art that surrounds it.

Tea is much more than a drink, it is the atmosphere that surrounds it from its birth to your cup. At Yang Tea Taiwan we humbly learn season after season, we are in contact with the farmers who care for their plants, with the masters who produce the tea, and with the artists who give it deep meaning.

We are Iris & José, she is the daughter of Taiwanese tea farmers and he is a Chilean

We connect tea with its lovers

Tea lovers are in all corners of the world, our mission is to bring them closer to their favorite drink as it is sourced at its origin.

Taiwan is both an innovative and traditional country, so you will be able to find a wide variety of tea available to ship directly to your home.

Harvesting tea in Lishan, Taiwan

We are...

A Taiwanese-Chilean couple. We met in Germany a long time ago while we were studying at the university.

Iris has been in contact with the world of tea since she was very young thanks to her family, so she showed me this drink in a way that I had not imagined.

I (José) used to drink tea during afternoons (following the chilean 'once' tradition), with the common tea-bag that we usually buy in the supermarket. But Iris showed me the loose tea made by artisans from the mountains of Taiwan! My experience was so impressive, that I wanted to share it with family, friends and now with you... through Yang Tea Taiwan

Lishan Tea Garden and Yang Tea Cofounders

The team

Dedication... Experience... Passion

We are a team of tea lovers, each of us contributing from their area of expertise to make the best and freshest teas from Taiwan available to the rest of the world. Get to know a little more about us.

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