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Light and delicate, sweet as a sugar cane, with the presence of a slight umami flavor. Smooth on the palate due to no astringency and with some bitterness which transforms into a sweet aftertaste. It is even possible to distinguish deeper notes. Persistent and unctuous sensation in the mouth.


From cultivating "Ying Xing", TTES #20, which was registered in 2004.


This is one of the gardens in Shanlinxi where we have had the privilege of coming face to face with the famous Jacobiasca Formosana, whose bite promotes sweet flavors in tea.


Shanlinxi is one of the three famous tea regions in Taiwan along with Alishan and Lishan. Surrounded by mist, clouds and tall trees, wulongs produced in Shanlinxi are often reassuring, abundant in aroma and full of vitality, as if you were in a forest.

Shanlinxi Ying Xiang - Spring

PriceFrom $19.80
  • Area: Shanlinxi, 1.111 masl

    County: Nantou

    Country: Taiwan