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Beautiful and stylized olive-shaped reddish clay teapot. It has a smooth outer surface and some porosity inside, although it is not glazed. It has capacity to prepare 150cc of your favorite tea, which makes it an ideal teapot for GongFu sessions of 3 or 4 people.


Clay teapots like this one are ideal for preparing more oxidized teas, such as Wulong, Red or Dark tea, because they retain heat for longer, thus promoting the extraction of nutrients from the leaves.


Due to it's material it will absorbe some aromas of the tea. That's why we recommend using it for 1 of the 6 varieties of tea and hopefully destine it to brew jsut one type of tea.


Due to the tall shape of this teapot and its large inner space, it is ideal for preparing teas that are bulky in dry leaves, like red teas with their Natural Curve shape.


We recommend using this teapot for red teas such as Lishan or Shanlinxi red teas.

'Zhu Ni' Clay tall teapot

    • Wulong tea
    • Red (black) tea
    • Dark tea (hei cha)


    * It is always good to innovate, so we recommend you also try other combinations

    • Material: 'Zhu Ni' Clay
    • Capacity: 150ml
    • Special for GongFu style preparation

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