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A limited selection. From one of our favorite Shanlinxi tea plantations, located between cypress and bamboo forests. Classic red (black in the West) tea from Taiwan.


Produced from the cultivar 青心烏龍 (Qingxin Wulong), a versatile cultivar that has a great range of aromas depending on the processing. Harvested in the perfect season for red tea (black tea in the west), June 2nd, summer.


Evident golden buds between entire and rolled leaves. Delicate and persistent thanks to tea masters with experience in small-leaf black tea. Light medium intensity. Smooth, persistent, fruity aroma, sweet and dried fruits.

Shanlinxi Red tea

PriceFrom $21.00
  • Area: Shanlinxi, 1.111 msnm

    County: Nantou

    Country: Taiwan