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Beautiful pear-shaped graphite clay teapot with a comfortable handle that allows you to use it easily. This teapot is smooth on the outside and inside it has obvious porosity, which over time allows it to keep the main aromas of the tea you prepare in it.


It has capacity to prepare 115cc of your favorite tea, meaning, it is perfect for a Gongfu session for 2 or 3 people.


Clay teapots like this one are ideal for brewing more oxidized teas, such as roasted Wulong, Red, or Dark teas, because the material retains heat for longer time, thus promoting the extraction of nutrients from the leaves.


Due to the porosity of its inner walls, we recommend that you use this teapot for, hopefully, only one type of tea. For example, use it only to prepare roasted wulong teas.


Due to its pear-like shape, this teapot is recommended for preparing pearl-shaped teas like our Dongding Wulong

Black Clay Teapot

    • Roasted Wulong tea
    • Red (black) tea
    • Dark tea (hei cha)


    * It is always good to innovate, so we recommend you also try other combinations

    • Material: Graphite color clay
    • Capacity: 115 ml
    • Special for GongFu style preparation