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"Yun Bei" is how we call in Taiwan to this pitcher to serve tea. Yun means "to make even" and "bei" means cup or bowl, so in Spanish it could be called a "recipient to make even" the tea.


Its purpose is that all guests drink the same tea, since by serving it from the teapot, the Yun Bei will balance the flavors and aromas of the top of the teapot with those of the bottom. You can do the test of serving directly from the teapot to two glasses, one after the other, and you will notice differences in the tea of each one of them. Hence the reason to use this accessory when preparing Gongfu style tea.


This porcelain Yun Bei is beautifully adorned with blue flowers and greenery.

Because it is tall and its upper edge opens, it keeps this part cooler, making it easier to use.


It has capacity for approx. 150 cc filling up to, more or less, half of it, so it is a good accessory to accompany our Tall porcelain teapot or our Classic light blue porcelain teapot.

Yun Bei - Porcelain with Flowers

    • Material: Ornate white porcelain
    • Capacity: 150 ml
    • Special for GongFu style preparation

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