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Cultivated in one of the highest altitude tea areas in the world, this wulong is one of the favorites in Taiwan for its noble aromas, highlighting jasmine and certain sweet notes, including aromas of warm butter.


Our Lishan Wulong comes from small gardens around the town of Lishan, in Taichung County, at 2,000 meters above sea level. Because of this it is considered a Gao Shan Cha 高山茶 or high altitude tea.


Each season and even each day of production is unique due to changing weather conditions, while always keeping the characteristic essence of this tea.If you are one of those people eager to discover, compare and analyze aromas, we invite you to try this tea... and even to contact us directly, we can have several productions available from the same season, year or different years so that you can taste them and feel their differences.

Lishan wulong - Autumn

PriceFrom $26.35
  • Zone: Lishan, 2,000 masl

    County: Taichung

    Country: Taiwan