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Tea accessories

Made in Taiwan, these porcelain, clay and bamboo accessories are perfect for brewing different varieties and styles of tea (Taiwanese and other origins).

Choose the ones you like the most or write to us on the chat to advise you.

You will find a special filter for the capacity of teapots:

< 100 cc : for 1 or 2 persons

100 - 125 cc : 1 to 3 persons

126 - 150 cc : 2 to 4 persons

150 cc < : 3 persons or more

To get the most out of your accessories...

Wulong Tea

Classic Taiwanese tea, high mountain, aromatic and diverse

Starting at $13

Taiwanese high mountain wulong

Red Tea

Aromatic, mostly fruity and floral. Sweet.

Starting at $17

Taiwanese red tea

Any questions?

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