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Red Tea

Or better known as black tea in the West, it's the variety of tea whose leaves are oxidized to a very high degree.
Hence the dark color of its leaves and the golden color of the trichomes.
The name of this variety comes from the color of the infusion, which can range from orange to a deep, dark red.

Taiwanese red tea is characterized by intense floral and fruit aromas, preserving the delicacy of wulong tea thanks to the mastery of the producers in this last variety.

We have selected for you the red teas that we liked the most. Do not hesitate to write to the chat if you have any questions.

Might interest you...


Starting at $10

Finely crafted Teapots in different materials, Yun Bei with classic motifs, painted cups and aroma sets, all you need in order to prepare your favorite teas.

Clay teaware

White Tea

Starting at $18

Lishan white tea

Wulong tea

Starting at $13

Taiwanese high mountain wulong

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