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This classic Taiwanese black tea (Hong Cha 紅茶 - red tea in Asia) has the characteristics that season after season producers look after in their tea, floral aromas and sweet like honey. Complex thanks to the quality of the plants with which it is produced and accompanied by a slight acidity that gives it a unique personality.


Special to accompany it with simple pastries, such as butter cookies or honey.


This tea was made on a sunny summer day, in the Yang family factory at more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Their factory is located in the heart of Lishan town and the leaves for this tea come from the garden that is located on the outskirts of the town. Thanks to the difference between the sides of the mountain where the garden is located, we can have varied aromatic profiles between Lishan Premium and this tea. We recommend you try both and compare them!

Lishan Red Tea

PriceFrom $25.00
  • Zone: Lishan, 2,000 masl

    County: Taichung

    Country: Taiwan

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