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Everything you need for Gongfu sessions from 1 to 6 guests.


This complete white porcelain Gongfu set has literally everything you need (except for water and tea leaves) to prepare your favorite tea. The teapot has capacity to prepare 180cc of tea and being made of porcelain, it is ideal for brewing any of the 6 varieties.


The classic way in which the teapot is made is suitable for tea in any form, be it curled like high mountain wulong teas or in its natural form like Bai Mu Dan style white teas.


You can complement this set with any of our Wulong Teas, Red Teas or even our White Peony.

White porcelain tea set

SKU: 102102100820220213
    • Green Tea
    • Yellow tea
    • White tea
    • Wulong tea
    • Red (black) Tea
    • Dark tea (hei cha)
    • Material: white porcelain
    • Capacity: (kettle) 180cc

    The set includes:

    1. Classic style teapot with capacity to prepare 180cc of tea
    2. Yun Bei of proper proportions to the teapot
    3. 6 porcelain glasses of 40 cc approx.
    4. Tea leaf storage container
    5. Container for contemplating tea leaves
    6. Tea Boat, which is the base for the teapot
    7. Accessories: cloth, tea scoop, tea needle
    8. Travel bag