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From cultivar TTES No. 12, this particular Taiwanese tea is known as "Milky Wulong" due to its subtle milky aromatic notes, which come naturally from this cultivar (Camellia Sinensis Var. Sinensis Cultivar TTES No. 12).


The acronym of the cultivar are the record of TRES (Taiwan Research and Extension Station), the research center for tea in Taiwan. They extensively study the tea plants and experiment with crosses between different varieties and cultivars to achieve new results.


TTES N°12 was discovered in 1982 after years of research, it is the cross between the plants "Tai Non nº8 and In-Zhi-Hong-Shin". In our instagram profile you can see a short video where we explain some details of this cultivar.

Alishan Jinxuan Wulong - Spring

PriceFrom $12.00
  • Area: Alishan, 850 masl

    County: Chiayi

    Country: Taiwan